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Create Multiple Blog Posts at Once with SeoSamba MOS AI

This feature builds upon the existing SeoSamba Blog functionality (already enhanced with AI) by allowing you to create personalized blog posts for multiple websites simultaneously

Dynamic Widgets: Descriptions can include dynamic widgets that automatically populate with location-specific details like city, state, zip code, etc.

Location-aware AI: The AI content generation considers each location's individual characteristics.

Create unique blog posts for various websites at once.

While AI-powered, content generation isn't instantaneous. Allow the system sufficient processing time.

Steps to Create Multi-location Blog Posts:

  • Log in to SeoSamba MOS
  • Navigate to Blog, Social, and PR
  • Click "Create post or Press Release"

Basic Information Section:

Add a teaser image (use the Image Gallery for options).

1 enter basic info

Feed the AI Content: Provide the AI system with a blog post or article from a trusted online resource. This gives AI a foundational perspective.


Blog Title: Utilize the AI for title suggestions. A pop-up will appear saying: "Refine your focus or simply click the bot icon to proceed." Use the pop-up to guide the system further by specifying what to include ("Concentrate 

on:") and avoid ("Avoid:") in the content.

Description: The AI will automatically generate a description based on the title.

To personalize the description for each location, use the "personalize" icon on the left.


Organize for SEO: Include relevant tags to categorize your blog post and enhance SEO discoverability.

Content Generation:

Select a blog post template.

Generate blog post content using the provided menu options: keywords, content length, and style.

2 suggest keay words

Allow the system time to generate your blog article.

3 generate text

Customize Content Variants:

4 customise content

Locate the "Create unique blog content variants for your websites" section and click the "Customize content" button. A dropdown menu will appear allowing you to select the websites you want the blog post customized for. You can further guide the system here by adding "Concentrate on:" and "Avoid:" topics and ideas. Additionally, you can adjust the writing style and post length for each website.

5 select website

Review and Publish: Once the generation is complete, new tabs will display the content variations for each selected website, indicating content uniqueness.


Proofread and revise the generated content for each website.

6 wait



When satisfied, click "Save and Distribute."

update content and click save and distribute

The post will be scheduled for publication on the websites you selected earlier. At this stage, you can also choose the social media accounts where you want to share it.

Finally, with all checkboxes selected, click "Continue and Publish" to complete the process.

Congratulations! You've successfully created multiple blog posts simultaneously.


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