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Email templates

You already have some pre-built email templates which you can use for your remarketing campaigns. The list of available templates will appear everywhere where there’s a possibility to assign one.

lead config email templates

In case if you want to create a new template, go to LAYOUT / Add template and insert your own customized HTML code just like you would build any web page on SeoToaster.

Don’t forget to insert useful tokens into your emails: {user:fullname} - brings up a user full name {cart:basket} - displays all products that had been added to the cart before user left it. {cart:recovery} - creates a link to the checkout page which contains all the items that had been added to the cart before the user left it. {unsubscribe:link} - creates a link for unsubscribing from the automated notification. More shortcodes and tokens can be found System Shortcuts.

CRM email templates There is also an option to send some pre-built emails from your CRM lead, you just need to click Email

add a follow up

Where you will be able to choose one of useful CRM templates that you can send to you current of possible customers. Our templates will save your time you would have to spend on reinventing texts for offers and inquiries. Don’t forget to preview the mail in case you would like to add some changes.

You can edit the text of email in the text container.
adding editing email templates



Because messages sent in different contexts need different information to be meaningful, each message also has access to more specific tokens.

You will see the Dropdown named Useful Shortcuts in all message fields for Emaills

add shortcut to your email

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