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Customize Automated Emails

Website Builder ships with a powerful, yet easy-to-use action emails facility. This communication tool send emails automatically when a set of conditions are met. This screen can be accessed from the OTHER/action-email menu on your control panel.

action emails store text


By default, Website Builder ships with a pre-configured set of action emails and associated text. Feel free to add more trigger or modify the text. Action emails shortcuts can be inserted to personalize emails with information such as customer name, IP, shopping cart content, quote url's, and more.

Pre-set Ecommerce emails include:

When a customer orders for the first time, a registration email is pre-configured to make them aware of their private client area on your web store along with login and password. When a new order is placed: A notification email is sent to the admin, sales person and customer. These emails contain text and information appropriate for the recipient; the order itself, delivery & billing address of course, but also buyer's IP address, referral origin with key-phrase used to reach your website for your sales and administrators.

What about my email's design you may ask?

Well, just create any number of HTML templates (keep in mind to use Website ID card tokens to keep your business information such as logo/address etc.. in sync), save them as email templates. Then select the template to be used for each trigger you're configuring in the action email facility.

Ecommerce theme skeleton ships a default email template built referring Website ID tokens. Make sure to have your Website ID card and store config panel properly populated.

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