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How to upload things

Uploading images and files to the system is a simple matter

Whenever you need to use images, show videos, link to files on your website, look for the "Upload things" link. You will not have to look for it much, as we made sure it would be available to you anytime you need it.

SEO Feature: All images automatically open to their original size when clicking on the thumbnail for a better user viewing experience. In addition, the "alt" tag is automatically generated based on the name of the file and added to the image for a better experience for users reading from text-based browsers. Make sure you name your images appropriately - give them descriptive names, preferably containing keywords. Avoid using numbers or unrelated words in your images names. 

So, to upload an image or file, go to Media - Upload Things. Choose a folder from the drop-down list or create a new one. Click the button "choose and upload file" and upload your image or file.

upload things

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