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Generate Google API Key

Follow this link and click "Get Started" and log in to your Google account (if you're not logged in already)
Enable billing as Google requires, click : CREATE BILLING ACCOUNT:

create billing account

Go to Step 1 of 2 Account Information, Select USA, accept term of service agreement:

step 1 of 2 free trial my project 33815 goog

Then Step 2 of 2 Payment Information Verification - attach your payment details, hit “Start My Free Trial”

step 2 of 2 free trial my project 33815 goog

Generate a Google API key and send it to us at

api key

Go to Google Maps platform, reply to their questions (it’s for Google)

google maps platform my project 33815 google c

If you see a pop-up connected with API security - click “Maybe Later”:

maybe later

Activate API Libraries:

apis and services

API library and enable Maps Embed, Routes API and Places API

apis services my project 33815 google cloud

Also Enable Youtube Libraries:

youtube library

Thank you for your cooperation!

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