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Customize product listings & content easily by yourself

Once your designer has coded a few product landing pages templates for your web store, Website Builder makes it easy to adjust layout, add content and accommodate changing needs for specific pages without requiring any technical knowledge on your part.


create a product list

Leave your frustration behind, no need to wait for ages for IT to step up and adjust little things for you. Instead, click the inline web editor icon and everything is just a click away. Want to add or modify a list of related products to improve your upsell rates? It is insanely quick & easy to do; click the products tab's web editor, filter products by any number of tags, select a product listing template, sort the list, and you're done.

product list builder

Insert any number of text blocks, any content, be it to list 100 photos on a page; exciting and relevant related product lists; how-to video's, harvest photos automatically from your Facebook account, you name it, it's all there, and dead easy to edit and manipulate by yourself.

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