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Email & SMS Triggers

First of all, go to CRM/ Email & SMS Drip tab. Here you can create triggers for your email and SMS sequences.

Your email/SMS messages are automatically sent anytime a customer meets the condition you defined for a trigger.Triggers can be set for pre-defined groups such as “leads/opportunities”, “leads who have received or requested a quote” or leads that are marked as lost or sold from the Quotes tab in the CRM.If your website has a shopping cart built into it, triggers can be setup to send a message following a purchase, after an item has shipped or been delivered or after a cart has been abandoned. You may also set a trigger to send a message after someone signs up to receive your newsletter, for a membership or any other offer.

  1. Set time for your remarketing campaign. You can customize your email/SMS schedule with rules such as “only send email/sms on these specific days and times, or “send email/SMS anytime during normal business hours”, for instance. Business hours can be configured in the control panel under the STORE/Config tab. Set a lag time after your client’s action.
  2. If your campaign is pointed at some specific products, here you can select the cart content which would trigger the email sequence.
  3. Select an email template and add a message here if it’s not already in the template.
  4. Assign a name to your email trigger and tick the checkbox if you only want to use this trigger in sequence.

    email and sms triggers

Prior to saving, test your email and SMS right here and there by clicking the TEST button. Then check the email you used to log into the system today and the mobile phone number showing in your user profile found in your Control Panel, OTHERS tab and Manage Users screen.

After reviewing the email, you can modify the settings if necessary and create a trigger by clicking.  Create  

When fully satisfied, save your trigger. Create additional email and SMS triggers and then go to the next tab to create a schedule to group into a communication sequence

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