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Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score is a metric used in customer experience programs. NPS measures the loyalty of customers to a company. NPS scores are measured with a single question survey and reported with a number from -100 to +10, a higher score is desirable.

Default email templates and messages should already present with the latest version of your SeoToaster system. It should also get added whenever an upgrade is performed.
To verify this or add additional emails notifications, go to the CRM section of the Action Email & SMS menu and check out both “NPS Rating Request”

action email 1

and “Review Request” triggers.

action email 2

 Next, go to the CRM config tab and make sure your NPS rating request thank you page is configured. This is the page on your website where folks will land after having rated how likely they are to recommend your business.

crm config

And fill out “Add your own fields” section with links generated in MOS :

nps settings in widcard

mos link genegation

You can send an NPS rating request email from the lead detail screen to have your customers rate how likely they are from 0 to 10 to recommend your business. This button will trigger the “NPS rating request” email template

send nps request

And will remain this way until your client gives a rating, or for the next 30 days, whichever comes next.


nps rating request email

Your client rating appears on the lead detail screen once they have clicked your NPS email request.
A “Send Review Request” button then appears on the screen.


This button will send another email, this tile requesting to leave a review on FB or GMB or both. This button triggers the “review request” email template

review request sent

review request

You then can use the provided date-pickers to log that a user has indeed left a review on these platforms.

pick date

After 1 month, the send review request button appears when no review dates have been associated with the record.

nps filter

You can set up an email blast to send a rating request to a group of your users by setting up an email drip campaign with review request triggers in it. 

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