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Email IMAP Connection

Start with connecting your email to CRM to have all conversation with your leads tracked or even transform all your inbound contacts into leads!

All email services provider require different combinations of settings, you can look them up here:

Microsoft Support POP and IMAP email settings

For Gmail, for instance, It is important to make sure CRM is allowed to connect to your email box, follow this link and flip the switch to allow SeoSamba CRM app to connect.

security trigger

Also, open your Google account settings and enable IMAP (or make sure it's done) :

imap settings

Then find "Inbound emails config" tab in CRM config menu and add your gredentials there along with the settings required by your email service provider: 

crm imap connection

"Process all inbound emails as leads"  checkbox will transform all your contacts into leads in your CRM. If you don't want this to happen, just keep this box unchecked and hit  Add 

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