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Email IMAP Connection

Start with connecting your email to CRM to have all conversation with your leads tracked or even transform all your inbound contacts into leads!

In your Admin Panel find button named CRM, click CRM config, find IMAP in the Config check-list: 

crm config imap connection

Then on top of the config menu click "Inbound Emails config". There you will need to fill out the following fields: 

Email service name: - any name, for example, Email Samba

Lead owner: - your user account

Host: -  For Gmail:, for Micforsoft:

Login: - your email address

Password: - For Gmail: your App Password, for  Micforsoft  - your App Password generated in your Microsoft account.

SSL: - select SSL or TLS from the drop-down (based on your email provider requirements). 

Hit Add.

inbound emails confighs ligin and password

For connecting your Microsoft Account follow this Instruction

microsoft imap

When you start connecting your Gmail Account, ensure that 2-factor Authentification is on.

Then, you will need to generate App Password. Follow the steps in the instruction. When you get to this screen, type in any name here, for example: 

search app password

Search App Password, then add in the drop-down a new service and hit "Generate"

app password

Then, Google will quickly generate the password for you: 


Also, make sure in your Google account settings IMAP  is enabled:

imap settings

There is a feature called "Process all inbound emails as leads"  checkbox will transform all your contacts into leads in your CRM. If you don't want this to happen, just keep this box unchecked and hit  Add 


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