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Optimize landing page conversions

Website Builder offers unmatched product landing pages flexibility, and re-activeness, but it does not stop there.

The built-in integrated quote system can considerably improve your landing page conversions rates offering an alternative to classical credit card processing (obviously, you are free to offer both).

This approach is particularly suitable for merchants selling expensive higher-end items, appliances that require an installation or when compatibility with other products is a pre-requisite for a succesful sale.

In short, if you suspect that you would convert more customers would you have had you a chance to talk to them during the sales process, then consider testing and using this unique Website Builder feature.

Read more about creating and using Quote templates that supports offline deposit tracking. Build a Sales Proposal in your CRM and send it to your lead. This feature supports digital signature, automatically generated a pdf(sends one copy to the lead and saves another one on Documents Tab on the lead's screen)  and Partial Payments.

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