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Optimize landing page conversions

Website Builder offers unmatched product landing pages flexibility, and re-activeness, but it does not stop there.

The built-in integrated quote system can considerably improve your landing page conversions rates offering an alternative to classical credit card processing (obviously, you are free to offer both).

This approach is particularly suitable for merchants selling expensive higher-end items, appliances that require an installation or when compatibility with other products is a pre-requisite for a succesful sale.

In short, if you suspect that you would convert more customers would you have had you a chance to talk to them during the sales process, then consider testing and using this unique Website Builder feature.

Read more about creating and using Quote templates that supports offline deposit tracking. Build a Sales Proposal in your CRM and send it to your lead. This feature supports digital signature, automatically generated a pdf(sends one copy to the lead and saves another one on Documents Tab on the lead's screen)  and Partial Payments.

download pdf button


digital signature


Quote Conversion Options in SeoSamba

Understanding user behavior and optimizing conversion paths are paramount for success.  Quote Conversion Options feature allows to enhance conversion tracking. 

The Quote Conversion Options feature offers flexible tracking mechanisms based on user preferences and actions. At its core, it enables businesses to track conversions when users interact with quote forms and complete desired actions, such as requesting a quote or making a purchase.


quote config generate automatically

Scenario 1: "Generate Quote Automatically" Option Disabled

When the "Generate Quote Automatically" option is disabled, businesses can implement specific tracking mechanisms to monitor conversions effectively. Here's how it works:

1. Tracking Setup: Upon disabling the automatic quote generation option, businesses need to configure conversion tracking on the quote thank you page.

quote thank you page

2. Code Implementation: The provided code snippet, showcased in the page template, must be integrated into the quote thank you page. This ensures that when users reach the thank you page after requesting a quote, the conversion is tracked successfully.


create thank you page add code


conversion console


3. Verification: Businesses can verify the successful loading of the conversion script, ensuring that all conversions are accurately recorded.

Scenario 2: "Generate Quote Automatically" Option Enabled 

When the "Generate Quote Automatically" option is enabled, SeoSamba streamlines the conversion tracking process, ensuring seamless integration and tracking. Here's how it works:

check the console see conversion

1. Automatic Redirection: Upon quote generation, users are automatically redirected to the quote page, simplifying the user journey.

2. Code Integration: To track conversions effectively, the provided code snippet must be inserted into the quote template. This ensures that conversions are recorded when users engage with the quote.

3. Verification: SeoSamba verifies the successful tracking of conversions, providing businesses with insights into user engagement and conversion 



add code to quote template


Quote Conversion Options feature empowers your business to optimize conversion tracking and maximize ROI.


Whether quotes are generated automatically or manually, businesses can leverage tailored tracking mechanisms to gain valuable insights into user behavior and drive actionable results.

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