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Quickbooks Plugin

Create an App in the QuickBooks Developer Dashboard:

To begin, log into your QuickBooks accounts and go to the Developer Dashboard at: 

Development Settings:

In your QuickBooks Developer Dashboard, click + Add a sandbox company 


add sendbox company
Give your app a name, click both checkboxes in “Select a scope”, then click “Create app”.

create demo app

go to Development Settings/Keys & Credentials:


Copy client ID and Client Secret:

qb keys

Open the Quickbooks plugin configuration on our website, enable the "Use Development Mode" checkbox on your site. Add the Client ID and Client Secret to the relevant boxes: 

qb plugin config
Then, add Redirect URI. Scroll down, you will see the first development URI there,

add uri

it’s the default one. Click Add URI, add the URI using the following pattern:

redirect uri

And hit Save


Generate Token:

Get back to Quickbooks plugin General config click “Generate token” and assign a task to your system administrator ti schedule associated cron script to refresh QuickBooks token - copy the pass in the configs. 

Refresh Token Cron Script:

Your server administrator must schedule the associated cron script to refresh the QBO token. The recommended schedule period is 1 week. The location of the script is /home/developer/www/Yourdomain/plugins/quickbooks/system/cronscript/quickbooksRefreshToken.php

Allow Create Invoice.

Mark both checkboxes “Allow Create Invoice for cart” and “Allow Create Invoice for quote” 

If you switch this button off, Invoice and Payments will not generate in the system, but the money will charge anyway, just without Quickbooks record creation. 

qb plugin config

Account Configuration:

In QuickBooks, go to to configure your account settings.

Production Settings.

After you tested payment using development keys and credentials, you need to disable developer mode and add Production Client ID and Client Secret.

qb plugin settings

Production Keys and Credentials: 

You will get your Production Keys and credentials after filling in the details about your app: 

get production keys

Shipping and Discount Costs Activation in Invoice:

To activate shipping and discount costs in the invoice, click on the Gear icon in QuickBooks, select Accounts and Settings, and then select Sales.

account and settings

Refer to the Sales form content and ensure the Shipping and Discount are on: 

shippings and discount on

QuickBooks Plugin Action Emails:

In case your System admin didn’t set up the crone script that will refresh the token automatically, the admin will get the action email in 14 days before token expiration. Use email lexem {quickbooks:refreshTokenExpiresAt} in your email:

action emails configs


View Payments and Transactions in Quickbooks: 


customers and leads
Customers List

new transaction

Transaction List


payment received


Outstanding Transactions




invoice paidInvoice 

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