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Schedule your content for publishing

This is the step that’s going to save you tones of time, money, and brainpower.

You can post both videos and images. You can upload your images but there is also a tool for you here to search license-free images through google.

Give people a behind-the-scenes look into your business and what it's like to work with you. Include a call to action on all your posts. What should your reader do next:

Gently guide your reader to the next step in your sales funnel.

Relate the Call to Action to the topic of the post. Include photos for more engagement and interest. Photos used in articles should relate directly back to the main topic. Photos also help break up a large page of text, which can be intimidating for even the best readers to tackle online. Purchase photos legally from stock photos houses or use for completely free photos. Never copy/paste from Google Images; that’s copyright infringement. 
SeoSamba Marketing OS has a built'in tool that helps you find and add to your posts licence-free images, give it a try: 

free image search

The tool automatically starts searching by title, but feel free to write any keywords into the search bar to find the images you need.

Ask questions and provide insight. Are there misconceptions about your industry or what you do? Clear these up in a simple Q&A post. Create a whole Q&A series with the questions you receive online as well as via email. When you ask questions you may also discover a new pain point which you can then discuss.

Appropriate hash-tagging that’s relevant to your goals, content, and brand will help aggregate your images and will also associate them with trending topics. When coming up with a hashtag for your brand you should make sure it’s something unique enough that it will be relevant to your company and not overlap too much with other brand’s posts (ie, if you are a Starbacks, rather than using #Coffee you will want to use something like #starbucks_coffee).

Save even more time and effort thanks to the social posts tempalates we prepared for you and create some of your own, you can find this feature on the Manage Templates Tab

Posting has nevwr been easier, click on Create a new post tab or on one of the days in your calendar and create a new post: 

scheduling repeating posts

Once ready - click next. Select social networks. Then click save and schedule.

On the next page you can select social accounts you will be posting to and see the post preview. Click Post Now 

post now

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