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Perfecting Your Email Preview Text

When measuring the success of your email campaign, one of the first concerns is making sure the email you send found its way into the inbox (a certain area we like to think we know a little bit about).

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Preheader is a bit of text you’ll often see above the header in an email which includes a small piece of messaging. This is generally used to control what shows up in the preview text, or subject line supporting text within the inbox.



But you can also hide and then customize the preheader text from the body of an email, and still have it show up alongside the subject line.

Your preview text is a great opportunity to include secondary messaging to a short, attention-grabbing subject line (brush up on your subject line best practices here). It is also another great thing to test, test, test. For example, if you’ve zeroed in on a great “abandoned cart” email subject line, see if you can affect a stronger open rate with additional messaging within your preview text.

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