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Publishing and Scheduling Blog Posts & Press Releases

When your news post is ready, you can proceed with publishing. You may save news or save and distribute

  • Save news means you simply save the alterations you made
  • Save and distribute means you save the alterations made and distribute the altered piece of news.

 update content and click save and distribute

Having clicked save and distribute, you’ll be taken to the next step:

news distribution dashboard

Your list of websites and PR distribution channels will appear after clicking the news post row

distribution channels set up

You select your website (your blog) if you have more than one you can pick and choose by clicking the different boxes.

On the far right, you can select the corresponding social accounts that are associated with the website that you may want to share to. For clients that have multiple websites you can also have dedicated social pages/account associated with each.

news distribution dashboard 2

In social media columns you can see different icons, where:

  • news will be published to networkicon indicates that the news will be published in this network.
  • network is connected but not selected for sharing means you’re connected but it was not selected for sharing.
  • network is not connected icon indicates that the news will NOT be published in this network as you still need to connect your account to our platform. You can do so by simply clicking the icon.
  • news will not be published Icons indicate that your security token has expired. Click to reconnect

Facebook and Linkedin tokens expire every 60 days. To obtain a new access token simply click on the news will not be published icon and you’ll get to this window where you have to re-connect to the expired network:

connect social networks

This requirement is not on our site but on the social networks. The alert system will remind you to reconnect your social accounts when approaching the expiration time and when the tokens have already expired.

social token alert

Basic & Premium Press Release Distribution, UK & Global English PR and Communiqué de Presse en Francais are the PR channels where Basic & Premium Press Release Distribution requires special setting for news distribution:

uk global english pr

You have to select country, category and from 3 to 12 tags for news distribution. Pay attention to the requirements in the black box:

configure pr

After you do complete the changes then сlick continue to return to the previous screen where you can also select a distribution time.

  • now simply means that your news will be distributed exactly the moment you click the button Publish
  • when clicking now, you will be able to select day and time of news distribution.

When clicking Next ›, you will see the summary of the distribution settings and here you can either go back by clicking ‹ Previous and edit them if something doesn’t seem right or Publish

When you schedule the distribution of news you can see the following markers next to this news:

news markers

You may see the schedule information if your mouse over schedule info icon icon, edit the distribution channels by clicking or edit distribution channels icon cancel the publication schedule by clicking the cancel publication icon button.

You may also hover over the distributed to panel icons in “Distributed to” to see which websites and social networks the news is directed to. Or click delete news completely and delete this news completely. Also you may see pr distribution report icon for a PR distribution report that typically appears a day or two after the PR was sent.

NOTE! You may distribute the news ONLY IF you have premium service account

Edit Blog Posts

If you would like to edit a blog post that has already been distributed to your website, select the blog post on the Blog Post Management screen, add the edits and click "Save and Distribute" select the website you are editing the the blog on, on the final screen you will see "Keep original publishing date" checkbox - this way you will edit the blog post instead of copying it:

keep original publishing date  

The statistics for all Blog & Press Release Report as well as Website distribution is represented in the charts in the Reports tab:

reports menu

The last but not the least, you can manage your templates any time you want in ⚙ Manage templates tab. Just select the one you would like to modify or build a new one from scratch.

manage templates

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