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Google My Business Primary Ownership

Google My Business API 4.9 Update & Primary Ownership Access to Your GMB Listings

In April 2022 Google launches a major API update. You can find out more about these changes here. According to Google, the new set of APIs provides you greater API consumption flexibility and helps to release new product updates faster.

Here is how this will influence your SeoSamba Marketing Operating System experience and your website performance:

  1. From now, only Primary Owners of GMB listing are able to connect them to SeoSamba MOS, that is why we need you to transfer Primary Ownership access according to the step-by-step guide provided below;
  2. “Leave Review on Google” button on your website will be broken until the listing is reconnected by its Primary Owner to your account on SeoSamba MOS.

Please, Follow this instruction to Transfer Primary Ownership to SeoSamba:

Google My Business listing

How to share Google My Business listing Primary Ownership access with SeoSamba?

 Go to your Google My Business dashboard

 Please create a location group if you don't have one yet.

 create group

- Click Create group

- Select the listings you'd like to share with SeoSamba and transfer them to the location group

 transfer businesses

Please use our organization ID to invite us as the listing Primary Owners.

SeoSamba's ID is 5122361686.


Click on the Group Settings button of your location group

 group settings


Then, Manage users

manage users

Insert SeoSamba's ID 5122361686, and choose Primary Owner role, and click Invite.

add new user seosamba

This is it, now we will be able to reconnect your Google My Business listing with SeoSamba MOS and restore the “Leave Review on Google” button on your website.

If you don’t want to share Primary Ownership access to your Google My Business listings with SeoSamba, you can also reconnect them on your own under the condition that you are the listing Primary Owner. This way, the broken “Leave Review on Google” button on your website will also be fixed.


How to Reconnect Google My Business listing to SeoSamba MOS?

Log into a SeoSamba marketing platform using your access credentials. Go to Social Calendar.

open social calendar

Then choose Social Accounts

social accounts connection

Click the name of the asset on the left

select an asset

Now click the Google My Business icon and click Connect button

 connect gmb

Login to your Google account that has the Primary Ownership access to your GMB listing

select an account

Click allow SeoSamba access to your Google account

access your google account

After this, select the Google My Business listing that you want to connect to SeoSamba MOS and put a tick in front of it.

sosamba gmb connection

Make sure to put ticks in front of sections named Gather reviews from this page and Display page at user level.



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