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Lead generation

In general, website analytics are a variety of statistics that show how successfully the website produces the desired results. The information is provided in aggregated and detailed forms on your dashboard.

The first thing you see is:

Lead generation

What do we need Lead generation for?

Lead generation represents what we refer to as trailing indicators or key performance indicators “KPIs”. These are statistics about your web forms, online sales, and calls. All the information is subdivided into calls, unattended calls, forms, and sales.

lead generation samba saas

  • Calls are the number of calls answered.
  • Unattended calls are the calls that were missed.
  • Forms are the number of forms filled in on the website.
  • Sales are the number of fulfilled sales.

You can also select the period to be displayed by clicking in the right top corner of the Lead generation section:

samba saas support button screen

Then you’ll see the following window. By default it reflects the statistics for the last two months:

samba saas support clicked button screen

This feature allows you to choose the desired period: today, yesterday, last week, last month, last 7 days, last 30 days, and custom. 

Last week or last month is NOT the same as last 7 days or last 30 daysLast week covers the time from Sunday to Saturday before the day of the week you are currently in. Last 7 days covers the time starting back from the beginning of the previous 7 days up to the current day. For example, if it’s Tuesday today, last 7 days means you’ll have the period from last Tuesday up until Monday, taking into account that the current day is not over yet.

Custom presupposes the period you personally want to track.

Attention! Lead notifications are not fully configured if sms and phone services aren’t connected on your website HOST.

Note: This is set up for you during the set up of your services with SeoSamba Marketing Operating System. In addition, if your website is on Wordpress or another platform this process will differ and be set up for you.

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