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Custom templates

To use the editor to build a custom template, just follow these steps:

  1. First, start with setting up your default body width and font for your post.
  2. Move to layout. Here you add rows to host your content. you can stack up and down as many content containers as you wish in each cell, you can’t however place content containers side by side.

    This is what the layout with columns is for. So instead, you need to insert a row with the appropriate number of columns, featuring a width that will work nicely for the content you wish to present.

    Let’s take a look again at these available rows format. Let’s add all the 2 and 4 columns rows so we can look together at their differences.

  3. Now you can fill in your rows with different types of content. Keep in mind you can use the various padding and alignment options to make your communications look perfect. Of course layout tables do not show up in your final emails or blog posts, unless you decide to use a background color or image.

    If you work with images, make sure to upload images that are wide enough for the content area you want to position them in or with a sufficiently high resolution, so that if you intent blow them up to take the entire cell, it will still look good when you do so.

    setting up custom template

    NOTE! Each cell width is set. Columns or cell sizes won’t shrink or widen based on content you’ll insert in there. So if you upload:

    • a larger image than the available width, it will automatically get resized using the maximum cell width while retaining the image aspect ratio.
    • a smaller picture, or just a few words or a small button for instance, you will be able to move that content to the right-end or left-end side, top or bottom of that cell.

You will be able to remove padding between that cell and cells next to it, and stack other elements up and down in that cell as needed. You will also be able to enlarge that content to take up all the available width in that space by either flipping a switch for images, or increase font size for your copy or buttons labels.

If in the middle of the creative process you figure that you wish to do something different than what you originally had in mind, you can easily add a different row type to your existing layout and move your content over from one row to the other.

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